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Student's works

thesis title author thesis type year
Evaluation of key-value data storags in Perun system Simona Kruppová bachelor thesis 2016
OAuth 2.0 Integration into Perun System Ondřej Velíšek bachelor thesis 2016
Tool for modification of FITS files headers Jan Hlava bachelor thesis 2016
A tool for retrieving photometric data of stellar objects Michal Krajčovič bachelor thesis 2016
Web application for astronomical observation diaries Ondřej Skýba bachelor thesis 2016
Tool for modification of FITS files headers
Martin Vrábel bachelor thesis 2016
Robust nad scalable data store for Perun system Michal Šťava master thesis 2015
Testing of distributed file systems for Cloud Adam Tomek bachelor thesis 2015
 Web application for astronomical observation diaries
Robert Havlíček  bachelor thesis 2015
Implementation of documents search using metadata in Liferay portal Matěj Šípka bachelor thesis 2015
Tool for modification of FITS files headers Marek Jonis bachelor thesis 2015
Reimplementation of astronomical program from Fortran to GUI Jakub Beer bachelor thesis 2015
Efficient access to database data in Perun system Katarína Hrabovská bachelor thesis 2014
Design and implementation of interface for monitoring Engine - component of the Perun system Jana Čecháčková bachelor thesis 2014
Redesign of GUI for Perun system Pavel Zlámal master thesis 2014
Photometric Archive of Astronomical Images Peter Lényi master thesis 2014
Web user interface for plotting light curves of objects from astronomical database WASP Jiří Kimeš bachelor thesis 2014
Flexible Accounting Framework for Heterogeneous Computing Infrastructures Michal Kimle master thesis 2013
Cloud accounting in MetaCenter Boris Parák master thesis 2013
Web application for agenda administration in Institudfe of experimental biology Stanislav Liška master thesis 2013
Perun Attribute Framework Slávek Licehammer master thesis 2012
Scalability of optimalization algorithm on multicore machines Eduard Tomek bachelor thesis 2012
Users' Registration Component in Perun System Filip Drahovský bachelor thesis 2011
Cluster Maintenance Scheduling in a Distributed Environment Michal Babáček bachelor thesis 2011
 Ruby and JRuby Performance Comparison Kateřina Kuklová  bachelor thesis  2011
Estimation of job execution time in the MetaCentrum job planning system Michal Kafka master thesis 2010
Ruby and JRuby Performance Comparison Jiří Syrový bachelor thesis 2010
Digital Signature In a Web Browser Jiří Harazim bachelor thesis 2010
OpenId provider for Identity Federation Igor Gilány bachelor thesis 2010
Web Application for License Registration in MetaCentrum Peter Lényi bachelor thesis 2010
OpenCMS Plugin for Shibboleth Authentication of Users Ladislav Toldy bachelor thesis 2010
Ruby and JRuby Performance Comparison Jan Kadera bachelor thesis 2010

Job scheduling with the SLURM resource manager

Michal Novotný

bachelor thesis 2010
Application for Collecting Identity Federation Metadata Jiří Novák bachelor thesis 2009

Security in Service Oriented Architecture

Jakub Ferenc master thesis 2009

Job accounting for a supercomputing center

Jiří Sedláček bachelor thesis 2008
Graphical User Interface for a Computational Job Management System Vítězslav Plšek bachelor thesis 2008
Comparison of computational power of programmable GPU and CP Jiří Šimáček bachelor thesis 2006
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