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Achieved goals

MetaCentrum has achived the following goals:

  • To unify end user's interfaces, both at the administrator and user levels including accounts administration and login mechanism into MetaCentrum.
  • To establish an unified authentication and security mechanisms supporting single sign-on work (user has to be authenticated once and consecutively can work with all METACentrum resources without any limits and especially without any needs to explicitly prove his/her identity).
  • To create a shared disc space accessible in the frame of the whole MetaCentrum as well as specific users end workstations.
  • To make accessible an unified batch queueing system.
  • To guarantee high-speed network connectivity to the national network backbone.
  • To support development and usage of parallel and distributed programs and parallel programming equipment.

Successes and appreciations of MetaCentrum

Since 2004 the begin of active connection to building worldwide grid infrastructure in EGEE organization is dated. MetaCentrum through the CESNET association participates in all related activities (middleware development, application area support, especially computational chemistry, physics, astrophysics and particle physics, maintenance and deployment and administration of corresponding computational resources) within the EGEE project.

Elite successes of MetaCentrum reached through EGEE activities

Scientific research discoveries through MetaCentrum resources

Examples of scientific discoveries reached through MetaCentrum computational/data resources:

Method of Detoxification of Yperite by using Haloalkane Dehalogenases.

Authors are Prokop, Z., Damborsky, J., Oplustil, F., Jesenska, A., Nagata, Y. from Loschmidt Laboratories that actively cooperate with MetaCentrum. The utilization of corresponding chemical compounds allows scientists to use enzymatic structures for decomtamination purposes. The decontamination is utilized for detoxification of yperite from the surfaces of instrumentality, constructional objects, the people’s or animal’s skin and elements of environment. Detailed information can be found at


Multi-Feature Indexing Network (MUFIN)

MUFIN is a program that can compare contain of pattern with more than 50 milions of pictures on server flickr.com - one of the largest Internet servers for sharing photos - and all is made in less than half a second. This software also gained a prestige award IBM Shared University Research as first and only in Czech Republic. Project MUFIN uses services of MetaCentrum as hardware platform for indexing engine. Prototypes of implementation are tested on MetaCentrum machines and experiments for scientific publications.

More information you can find at: http://mufin.fi.muni.cz/

Demonstration of search engine you can find at http://mufin.fi.muni.cz/imgsearch/

Competitive successes of MetaCentrum

In 2002 MetaCentrum was actively participated in experiments at the international conference SC2002. In 2002, the conference was held in Baltimore (USA, Maryland) and as usual, there were several challenges announced. MetaCentrum, or its nodes, participated in two groups: the so-called High Performance Computing Challenge and the High Performance Bandwidth Challenge.

We took part in the challenge as part of a team, headed by Prof. Ed Seidel, Albert Einstein Institute for Gravitation Physics, Potsdam (Germany), taking care of the security of Grid. We succeeded in creating a Grid of 69 nodes in 14 countries with 7,345 processors, of which 3,500 were available for the purposes of the experiment. Thanks to this Grid, we won two out of the three categories given above, i.e., the most distributed application ( Most Geographicall Distributed Application ) and the most heterogeneous Grid.

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