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Virtual organizations

Users of the European Grid Infrastructure are organised into Virtual Organisations (VO). A VO is a group of people who share similar interests, have similar goals, and need to work collaboratively sharing resources (e.g. data, software, expertise, CPU, storage space) regardless of their geographical location. There are already more than 200 VOs hosted on EGI. Users are invited to join these VOs, or establish new ones for their own communities.

Getting account in VO

Virtual organizations managed by MetaCentrum:

Virtual organizations Description Get account
MetaCentrum VO MetaCentrum VO is a regional catch-all virtual organization of the Czech National Grid Organization (NGI) and it is intended only for employees and students of research or academic organizations in the Czech Republic and for research purposes only. Users registered in MetaCentrum get access to the computing and storage capacity and a wide range of application software. MetaCentrum
VO Auger Set up and is accesible exclusively for members of the Pierre Auger Observatory. Auger
VOCE Virtual organization for all grid users within the Central Europe (CE). VOCE
EUAsia VO Supports e-Science researches within the Asia-Pacific region. Estabilished as a part of EUAsiaGrid project. EUAsia
MPI Brings together users and sites interested in improving MPI reliability across EGI. MPI
VO ELI Beams Set up for members of the ELI-beams project. ELI Beams
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