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PKCS11 modules for Grids

The grid-pkcs11 package contains a set of PKCS11 modules that allows you to integrate access to Grid credentials with common desktop applications, like web browser or mail clients.

If you're interested in the development of the modules, please check the appropriate GitHub repository

IGTF Anchors

This module provides access to certificates of CAs stored on the local filesystem. It tries to load files from default location (/etc/grid-security/certificates) and make them available to the application. The X509_CERT_DIR environment variable can be used to specify an alternative location of the certificates.


X.509 Proxy module

The proxy module interfaces the user's X.509 proxy certificate stored on the local filesystem. Using this module it is possible to get your grid credentials to any PKCS11-enabled application. The proxy is expected to reside in the default location unless the X509_USER_PROXY is given.

MyProxy module

The myproxy module makes it possible to access credentials in a remote repository from PKCS11-enabled application. It requires the MYPROXY_SERVER and LOGNAME variables to be set as per the MyProxy documentation.

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