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Logging and Bookkeeping (L&B) is a grid monitoring service conceived in the European Data Grid Project and developed throughout a series of European grid middleware projects: EDG, EGEE I/II/III and EMI.

Originally intended for keeping track of native gLite computing jobs, it can now be used to monitor a wide range of grid processes including multiple types of computing tasks, file transfers or virtual machine life times. Logging and Bookkeeping works by collecting messages on events occurring in different components across the grid, processing information contained therein to produce the most up-to-date status of any given process, and making the resulting information available across a wide selection of channels including a querying API, HTML interface, messaging or RSS feeds.

Additional product information with news and release updates is available at http://egee.cesnet.cz/en/JRA1/LB/

A full documentation suite, including a User Guide giving a comprehensive explanation of L&B's architecture and fundamental concepts, is available at http://egee.cesnet.cz/en/JRA1/LB/

Video demonstration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI5m45jbxmU

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