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Comments and questiones concerning MetaCentrum VO operation, such as membership, resources, error messages, technical issues or problems related to applications, should be sent at meta@cesnet.cz. Regular time of requests solving is during the working days between 9:00 – 17:00.

If you have any comments or questions about the clouds, please send uz an e-mail to appropriate address according to the cloud you use:

Primary contact for solving general problems related to MetaCentrum NGI operation as well as other virtual organizations managed by MetaCentrum is the adress support@metacentrum.cz.

RT system

All new e-mails received at above mentioned e-mail adresses are recorded in our RT (Request Tracking) system, which creates so called ticket and assigns a number to it.

Creation of a new ticket is announced to the author of the original e-mail and also to all MetaCentrum people responsible for dealing with user requests. The ticket number is in the subject field of all e-mails concerning the ticket, for example [CESNET #12345]. The ticket number is used for matching e-mails with their corresponding tickets. So please keep this number in e-mail subjects.

When a ticket is solved, it gets closed. The original author is notified about it by e-mail. Any subsequent reply again opens the closed ticket.

MetaCentrum learning material

For our users, we have prepared training videos that show basic work with MetaCentrum resources step by step.

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