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Virtual Organizations

Main Actors in the EGI


Users of the European Grid Infrastructure are organised into Virtual Organisations (VO). A VO is a group of people who share similar interests, have similar goals, and need to work collaboratively sharing resources (e.g. data, software, expertise, CPU, storage space) regardless of their geographical location. There are already more than 200 VOs hosted on EGI. Users are invited to join these VOs, or establish new ones for their own communities.



Getting account in VO

Please choose a VO in which you want to get an account from the list of VO below.

NOTE for Czech users: If you are a potential Czech VOCE user you might be already a member of MetaCentrum VO. In this case you do not use the VOCE form mentioned above but please edit your personal settings at the MetaCentrum portal (section My account/Personal Information). If you are currently not a MetaCentrum member, please consider that if you decide to become a METACentrum member you obtain an access to Czech local computational resources in addition to VOCE resources you ask for, therefore we recommend you to become a MetaCentrum member. Filling the MetaCentrum aplication form  will allow you to utilize MetaCentrum capacities as well as available VOCE computational resources.

Virtual organizations managed by MetaCentrum

  • MetaCentrum VO (regional) - catch all MetaCentrum Virtual Organization. MetaCentrum membership is free for researchers and students of academic institutions in the Czech Republic, the members of the CESNET association. Getting an account.
  • VO Auger (EGI) - virtual organization for Pierre Auger Observatory members.
  • VOCE (EGI) - virtual organization VOCE (Virtual Organisation for Central Europe) for EGI members with valid Grid certificate. Getting an account.
  • MPI - The MPI-Kicktart Virtual Organization brings together sites and users inetrested in improving MPI reliability across EGI. It is closely associated with EGI's MPI VT

Other virtual organizations

  • EUAsia VO - virtual organization for Asia-Pacific region

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