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MetaCentrum Cloud is a computing (HPC) cloud built using OpenStack. Cloud infrastructure is operated as a joint venture of MetaCentrum (CESNET), ICS MU and CERIT-SC. MetaCentrum Cloud is similar to e.g. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) or Google Compute Engine.

Enjoy advantages of MetaCloud:

  • Scalability - create virtual machines fully matching your needs.
  • Accessibility - use the user-friendly web interface to manage your virtual machines.
  • Flexibility - enjoy freedom in virtual machine management. Your virtual machine is fully in your hands. Install what you want and when you want, but always mind: with great power comes great responsibility.
  • Quick deployment - deploy your virtual machine in couple of seconds.
  • Storage on demand - store your data in your virtual machine (shared storage, Amazon S3 API, GridFTP) .
  • Free for academic use - any member of any academic institution in the Czech Republic gets access.

MetaCentrum Cloud interface allows you to obtain and configure virtual machines from various images (yours or MetaCentrum's), including images compatible with Amazon EC2. Moreover, we offer ready-to-use images with standard Linux OS. OS Microsoft Windows has limited use due to licensing conditions.

Start now!

MetaCentrum Cloud.


Ask us on cloud@metacentrum.cz All the correspondence received in that e-mail addresses is recorded in RT (Request Tracker – request tracker) system, which creates a ticket and assigns an Id number to it.


View current sizing and usage of MetaCloud resources.

More resources will be provided on demand.

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