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VOCE is a virtual organization (dynamic, multi-institutional community) representing all Grid users within the Central Europe (CE) region willing to utilize computational resources available in the CE. The Central Europe region is currently formed by Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. VOCE directly supports CE researchers by providing a computing service. This service consists of sharing data resources and computational capacities available within the CE and the installed Grid middleware and other software to solve various types of computational jobs.

Usage rules

VOCE membership is free for researchers and students of academic institutions in the Central European region. 

Please, read VOCE rules very carefully! Your acceptance of these rules is a requirement for access to VOCE resources. If you do not agree with them your registration process can not succeed properly. VOCE usage rules are also available for download in  PDF format.

Your VOCE membership is bound to the extension of your VOCE account required at the end of each year. Your VOCE account can be extended online by filling form field, in which you have to decribe your current VOCE activities including new, planned ones.


Generallly speaking any person from CE region who is working in academic environment is a suitable candidate for obtaining an account at VOCE. Concerning the fact that work in a distributed grid environment requires secure access to resources it is necessary to obtain a valid personal certificate from an internationally accepted certification authority for proper utilization of provided computational infrastructure.

All VOCE users are separated into VOCE institutions. Each VOCE institution is composed of a set of users that are managed autonomously by a dedicated administrator. Users' membership in a VOCE institution is defined using the users' subject names. A VOCE institution can be either linked to an existing organization participating in EGEE or it can be a virtual entity grouping set of people, which was created in order to ease their administration. In each country there is a catch-all institution, which handles users that do not fall into any existing VOCE institution.

If you are a person interested in utilization of VOCE resources, please visit and fill in VOCE registration form (using a browser with your personal certificate loaded in the browser).

Approval of a new member

Procedure of the approval of a new member is the following: registration form generates an entry in the database and a mail to the VO manager. 

Computing resources

Computing resources provided for VO will be either dedicated resources of groups taking part in the collaboration or "opportunistic" resources of other organizations offered on the voluntary basis. VOCE utilization

User manual: https://wiki.metacentrum.cz/wiki/VOCE_-_tutorial

Users Support

Primary contact for solving of majority of problems related to VOCE operation is RT adress voce@cesnet.cz .

All comments and suggestions concerning VOCE work as well as questions related to technical matters pointed to system administrators can be sent to address  voce@cesnet.cz . You can also send all error messages or problems you encountered using VOCE resources, questions regarding concrete application and/or system software  as well as information about abnormal function of installed software to the same address. This address is a queue in our local request tracking system (RT) that enables administrators to monitor user requests, analyze them efficiently and provide fast, reliable solutions.

VO managers

MetaCentrum, CESNET



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